Welcome to BrainVision

Our Company Motto: Values are not just words; Values are what We Live By!

We are a group of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) providing professional services in Market Research, Marketing Campaign Optimization & Segmentation, GIS Spatial Intelligence Solution, Business Intelligence Solution, Direct Mail & Telemarketing Targeting, Report Automation, Ad Hoc Queries, Software Development, SQL Programming, Customer Research, Data Mining, IT Project Management, Statistical & Predictive Modeling, and Software Development.

Our team's capabilities and experience are in business, not-for-profit, finance, telecom, insurance, and banking sectors in Canada. We deliver high success rate of complex projects for Customer Research, Marketing Campaigns, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Finance, Retail Banking, Audit & Fraud Management, Risk Management, Cards Management, Incident Management, Mortgage Group, and Portfolio Management.

We are passionate about analytics in everyday usage and how to improve the returns on investment to drive profit and revenue. We develop strategies and decision analytics with critical and manageable metrics to enhance our clients' decision making process. We use statistical predictive modeling and optimization to target the right customers at the right price. Our data driven approach is highly successful to improve the campaigns' effectiveness.